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Av Ava Azari - 1 augusti 2014 14:15

4 portions




Big frying pan

One big and one small bowl




Two normal-sized onions

500-700g hacked meat

Spices, turmeric, salt, pepper, garlic powder, etc.

Bread crumbles 




Basmati rice 4dl 

Lentils 2dl




1. Grate the onions into the big bowl

2. Add a little milk to the small bowl, then add half a deciliter of bread crumbles and finally add an appropriate amount of youghurt which will cause the meat to puff up.

3. Collect the hacked meat.

4. Add the bread crumbles and the meat to the big bowl with the grated onions and mix with hands (recomended to wear plastic gloves)

5. Form the mixture into the form as shown in the picture below.

6. Now fry the meat pieces which are called ''kabab dighi''.

7. The rice procedure is same as before. But first add the lentils with wate, butter and salt to a saucepan and let cook for 20 minutes on medium heat before adding the rice.

8. As the meat has fried and the rice has cooked, the meal is ready to be served.

Good Luck!


Av Ava Azari - 25 juli 2014 21:00

4 prtion!!


2 Frying pan

2 Saucepans


3 squashes

1kg hacked meat

One big or two small onion(s)

Spices(salt, turmeric, garlic powder, pepper, or other wished spices)

Tomato puree

Sliced tomatos (3 tomatoes if used fresh or one can)



1. Fry the onions in the frying pan on middle/high heat.

2. Slice the squashes into circles and fry them in another frying pan on middle/high heat. 

3. Add the meat to the frying pan with the onions when the onions have fried. Turn the heat to middle while the meat has fried completely. Add tomato puree spices while the meat is frying, as salt, turmeric, garlic powder, pepper or other.

4. When the squashes have fried until they have got a gold/brown colour they are done. They can then be added to the frying pan with the onion and the meat. Now add the sliced tomatoes or can of tomato to the mixture, put the lead and let cook on middle heat for 15-20 minutes.

5. The first half of the food is done. Now the rice should be made according to previous mentioned steps as first washing the rice, add water, salt, water and butter in a saucepand and let to cook for 30 minutes. If you want you can add dill to the rice.

6. The food is ready to be served.

Av Ava Azari - 7 juli 2014 18:45

4 Porions



Deep fryer

2 small glass bowls

Wooden spoon


Onions (2 medium sized)

5 normal sized potatoes 

7 dried limes

200g-300g dried yellow peas

500g hacked meat





Persian rice 4dl or 5dl



1. Pour the yellow peas into the small glass bowl together with water around 2 hours before cooking. This is because the peas will be easier cooked, thereby the cooking time will be shorter.

2. Same thing will be done with the dried lemons. Put them together with water in another small bowl for around 1 hour before cooking. 3 of the dried limes will be cut in the middle and the contents inside emptied and poured into a plate. The rest will be used in their original form.

3. Hack the onions and fry them a frying pan.


4. At the same time cut the potatoes into strips, same shap as fries. Now wash them to remove the starches, let them dry and finally fry them.

5. When the onions have fried, the hacked meat can be added to the saucepan with the onions. Let the meat cook on gentle heat and add salt, pepper and turmeric by own desire. Then the dried limes and the yellow peas can be added together with water after the meat has fried completely. Let it cook under low heat for half an hour or until the peas have cooked properly and are not hard.

6. When the food in saucepan is ready and the potatoes are ready, the first part of meal is ready to be served.

7. The Persian rice can be cooked as described in past receipes.

8. The meal is then served together with the rice.

Av Ava Azari - 7 juli 2014 12:16

4 portion



Deep fryer



Trout fish 1kg

Cooking oil




(Other spices can be chosen as whished)



Persian rice 4dl or 5dl 

''Sabzi polo'' herbes (sold in asian stores). Include: hacked leek, parsley, dill, fenugreek and coriander. 




1. First collect the cooking oil and pour an appropriate amount for fry of th fishs in a bowl. Add then pepper, salt, trumeric or other wished spices into the bowl and mix.

2. Then collect the fishes and marinate the fishes with the oil and places the fishes in the deep fryer on high heat. 

3. After about 15 minutes lower the heat to middle heat so the fishes can cook gently.

4. Now the ''sabzi polo'' which is the rice with green herbs will be prepared. The herbs could be bought ready in a persian stores in dry form or fresh in local stores. The fresh ones should then be hacked finely. The proportion of heach herb depends on own taste but the all over amount of herbs should not be too much. Around 2dl is enough for the rice.

If the herbs are dry, they should then be placed in water for about an hour before cooking. But the fresh herbs could directly be placed into the saucepan together with some water to cook throughly with low or middle heat. The herbs should then cook for 15 minutes.

5. Now the rice is prepared. It is recommended to buy persian or basmati rice for cooking persian meals since jasmine rice becomes too soft when cooked. Around 4-5dl of rice is poured into a bowl and washed until the water is transparent. 

6. Now half a dl of butter is added to the green herbs in the saucepan.

7. The rice is then added directly and the mixture is mixed until the rice is spread out. The heat is set on middle and the rice is let to cook for around 20-30 minutes depending on the rice. It should be cook until the rice is soft and the inner white part of the rice has disappeared, otherwise it means that it is undercooked.

8. When the rice and fish have cooked, the food can be served.

Av Ava Azari - 30 juni 2014 11:19




Deep fryer 




Two onions

Rapeseed oil

500g sliced meat

Khoreshte-sabzi herbs (found in asian/persian grocery shops)



Red beans (placed into a bowl of water at least 1-2 hour(s) before cooking)

7 Dried limes (bought in persian or asian stores)



Persian rice 




1. First the onion is hacked and fried with rapeseed oil in a saucepan.

2. When the onion has fried completely, then the sliced meat is added to the saucepan, together with salt and peper seasoned after own desire. 

3. The meat is left to be fried in the saucepan. Now the khoreshte-sabzi herb is first washed and hacked and the placed into a deep fryer together with rapseed oil and is fried at low heat. 

4. The herbs are fried until they have left some water and the result looks like the picture below.

5. The red beans are placed inside a bowl of water for at least 1 hour before cooking.

6. The beans are now added to the saucepan with meat and let to cook until the beans are not hard any more at middle heat.

7. Afterwards the fried herbs are also added to the saucepan. 

8. This mixture is left on low or middle heat until the flavors have been properly mixed and the consistence is reached. Until this mixture is cooking, 3 of the dried limes should be first halfed and then the black lime meat inside should be separated from the peels and added to the saucepan(picture). the remaining 4 are then added in their original form to the saucepan. 

9. The lid should be put on the saucepan and the food is left to cook on low heat until it has reached the perfect consistence. The beans should then not be hard, herbs and the meat cooked perfectlty.


10. This meal is eated together with rice. Another saucepan is collected for the rice. 4dl of basmati/iranian rice is first poured inside a bowl and washed with water until the water is not dimmy anymore and is more transparent. The rice is the poured into the saucepan and water is added until the water is one finger knuckle above the surface of rice. Then butter is added and the amount is added after own desire. 

11. The rice is cooked for about 30-45 minutes until it is not har and cooked properly. 

Av Ava Azari - 24 juni 2014 11:00




Jar of water

Meat tenderizer


1dl chickpeas 

1dl small-sized white beans 

One big onion or two smaller 


630g Veal with bone 



Garlic powder



  1. First 1dl of each of the chickpeas and white beans should be placed in a saucepan.



 2. Then the onion should be pealed and cut into halves and added into the saucepan. 


 3. Then water should be added until it covers the peas and beans but not necessary the onion. The stove is turned on low heat. 


 4. Then salt and white pepper powder should be added to the saucepan. This seasoning should be done after own taste. 


 5. The meat package is collected and the meat is sliced into smaller pieces.


 6. The meat is then placed into the saucepan. The heat is then increased to the middle degree and the food is left to sjuda until the onion is soft and has cooked completely. 


 7. The onion is then picked out of the saucepan and placed into a bowl. The onion is then smashed with a meat tenderizer. The smashed onion is the added to the saucepan again. 


 8. Now turmeric and garlic powder are added by own desire. 


 9. The food is then left to cool with the same heat (middle-heat) until the meat has cooked. It will take approximately 1-2 hours but it depends on the chosen meat. 


10. As soon as the meat has cooked properly the heat should be turned off and the food is ready to be served. For eating ab-goosht first each person should first be served with the broth/bouillon. A spoon is then used to collect the water which is then poured into individual bowls. To this bouillon bread is added, but traditionally noon-sangack is used, which is an iranian bread. The bread is then divided into smaller bits and added to the bowl and the first part of ab-gossht is ready to be eaten. For the second part, the meat from the saucepan is added to empty bowls. The remaining in the saucepan which is the chickpeas and white beans is smashed directly in the saucepan until all the chickpeas and beans are properly smashed. This mixture is then divided between the bowls and eaten together with the meat, bread(noon-sangack) and iranian cream yoghourt. The meat could also be smashed with the chickpeas and beans if you don’t want to eat it separately.


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